Highly qualified aesthetic doctor with solid training in advanced injection techniques, dermatology, dermoaesthetics and facial anatomy.

Extensive experience in myomodulation procedures with chemical neuromodulator, facial rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid and biostimulators. Outstanding skill in facial harmonization, backed by a strong scientific research base and an evidence-based approach.

Subtle charisma and excellent communication skills that foster trusting relationships with patients, specialist in English-speaking patient care.

Médico Estético Iván Wong - Consulta
Testimonials from satisfied customers

Dr. Wong was amazing he's a genius and artist with aesthetic injectibles especially related to the face and also highly knowledgeable with laser technology be it for the face or fat removal.
I've been coming here multiple times

Wow! I am no stranger to getting Anti-Wrinkle Injections and this was the most thorough consultation I have ever had regarding which relaxant to use and why. This was also the best treatment I ever had regarding placement and the procedure was amazing.

Tuve una consulta con el médico antes de proceder con el tratamiento Anti-Wrinkle Injections por primera vez y los rellenos por segunda vez después de una experiencia no satisfactoria en otro lugar. Fue rápido e indoloro y mis resultados fueron naturales y mínimos.